Our Students

Each year, we serve hundreds of students attending high schools throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.  Many of our students are from low-income and single parent homes, and are first generation college students.  Our program utilizes best practices in college access programming to prepare students for the academic, financial and social aspects of college life.

Congratulations to the Target Hope Class of 2015 for a 100% graduation rate and 100% enrollment in (22) colleges and universities. Target Hope procured over $4.5 MILLION DOLLARS in Merit-Based Scholarships.

Target H.O.P.E. has helped over 4,500 minority high school students attend 28 colleges and universities.  We have accomplished a 100% high school graduation rate, and a 98% college retention rate since the first graduating high school class of 1998.   Over the past 21 years, Target H.O.P.E. students have earned a total of  $110 million in merit-based scholarships! Additionally, 42% of college graduates pursue graduate and professional school opportunities at colleges across the nation. 

“Mr. Williamson and the staff of Target H.O.P.E. focused not only on getting students into college, but ensuring their success in college as well.”Richard Thigpen, MD (Morgan Park High School, Fisk University, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor)

“Target H.O.P.E. is an organization from one man’s inspiration to help students like myself who showed promise in an academic environment, but had no real means to realize the goal of going to college or beyond.  This program has laid a foundation for lifelong friendships and collaborations with higher education institutions.  Target H.O.P.E. will always be in my heart and I will continue to support this program and its activities to ensure that minority students are able to go to college, graduate or professional schools with a nurturing support group that serves to help them thrive in education amidst adversity.”Alfreda Holloway-Beth (Lindblom Technical High School, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Illinois-Chicago)

“I would not have gone to [Washington University] if it hadn’t been for Target H.O.P.E. The college tours, Senior Seminar, the abundance of love and mentoring that one receives from their Target H.O.P.E. family–the program serves as a “foundation”of sorts, equipping children with the skills to succeed in a college environment. For me, Target H.O.P.E. expanded my world of opportunity and gave me practical skills that I still use in law school today.”Tiffany Onyemaobi (Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy, Washington University in St. Louis, John Marshall Law School)

2017 Journey to Excellence College Tour visits Washington University Medical School.

2017 Journey to Excellence College Tour visits Washington University Medical School.

“Target H.O.P.E. has been a great support system and motivation throughout high school and college. I’ve gained lifelong friendships and an amazing network that is constantly growing. Without the support and knowledge from fellow Target H.O.P.E. members I wouldn’t have taken advantage of various leadership opportunities on and off campus, saw the importance of work experience while in school or had the courage to take a semester and study in another country. My relationships in Target H.O.P.E. have also shown me that I can do anything as long as I’m willing to work for it.”George Gary (Morgan Park High School, Howard University)

“As a growing scholar, Target H.O.P.E. provided me with a well-rounded foundation through networking opportunities, college tours, conferences, and scholarship opportunities.  I attribute much of my success and lifelong, meaningful friendships with other ambitious scholars and professionals to Target H.O.P.E.  I jump at the opportunity to stay involved with the program so that I can ensure other young scholars have the same opportunities as I did when I was their age.  I will forever be grateful.”Imani Lewis (Southside College Preparatory Academy, Xavier University of New Orleans, University of Illinois-Chicago)

“Target H.O.P.E. has increase my level of social consciousness, value in relationships, and gamut of possibilities in my life. Thank you Mr. Williamson.”Quinn Rallins (Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy, Morehouse College)

Saturday Academy 2017 2

Target HOPE Faculty, college students, and alumni at Saturday Academy 2017.